Getting into Flow

How to get more done in a day than your competitors do in a week


In a ten year study conducted by McKinsey, executives reported that they were five times more productive when they worked in a state of optimal concentration called flow.  That means that they could get as much done by the end of Monday than their steady-state peers did in a whole week.  Is a full day in flow a leap too far?  The same McKinsey researchers said that if we could all just increase the time we spend in flow by 15 – 20%, overall workplace productivity would almost double.  Think about the difference that would make to your business and your wellbeing.


In this session we will explore:

The science of ‘flow’; when our skills match the demands we face

Tips for getting in and staying in flow

How using the flow model can help if you feel stuck or lack motivation

How to remove the unhelpful emotions that get in the way of flow

Time management tips for scheduling flow



Understanding of the flow state and how to get into it to improve performance and wellbeing

Learn to manage stress and workload more effectively and not feel overwhelmed

Understand how to gain more control over time and energy

Learn how to manage negative thinking patterns that can inhibit productiveness Improve personal effectiveness

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Zena Everett has worked with Mumsnet now on a number of occasions and we would not hesitate in working with her again. Her approach is professional, warm and enthusiastic and the feedback from those who attend her courses is always exemplary. If you are looking for a course to build your confidence, you would be hard pushed to do better.

Patrick Keogh


I also loved a session we had with career coach Zena Everett. I seriously filled up about six A4 pages of notes during her talk, she pretty much gave us all a free coaching session and helped us think about what we want to do. Then she told us like it is when it comes to the recruitment process and what companies are looking for in applications and interviews, and told us how to network online to land a dream job and better business connections. If you have any career concerns I definitely recommend booking a session with Zena! It will sort you right out!


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