Mind Traps & Confidence Tricks

What would you do if you had more confidence?

‘Most people live in a very restricted circle of their potential being’, said the Father of American Philosophy, William James.  These boundaries are of our own making, the ones we put up because of our lack of confidence and self-belief. Confidence is not a fixed attribute.  We create our own confidence by the way we think and the actions we take.

In this fun but transformative session, I talks about the science of confidence and how we can train our mind to get rid of negative thoughts, replacing them with more rational beliefs that help us move forward.  The biggest confidence trick of them all is that it is only through taking action that we become confident.  Confidence comes from action, not the other way round.


In this session we will explore:

What you want to achieve at work and what you would aim for instead if you had more confidence

The difference between confidence and motivation

How our thoughts influence our behaviours.

How to identify thinking patterns or mind-traps that get in the way of performance including perfectionism, procrastination, black and white thinking, over-generalisation and blame.



Rational thinking patterns that eliminate mind traps and enhance performance, replacing your Performance Inhibiting Thoughts (PITS) with Performance Enhancing Thoughts (PETS).

A stronger internal locus of control

An action plan to move forward with small incremental actions that lead to major goal achievement.

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Zena presented on ‘Mind Traps and Confidence Tricks’ at The LEGO Group’s London Hub and she inspired me to understand how our own mind is our only obstacle to career success. I left with real concrete actions to achieve my goals. Thank you for the fantastic presentation, which a lot of us are still talking about.

Anna Bacarese-Hamilton


Zena spoke at our Mosaic Mentoring event in London in November 2016. In just 30 minutes she shifted some deep set thinking patterns and helped the audience of in-house lawyers raise the bar on their professional goals and business objectives. If you want maximum impact which leaves your audience engaged and inspired then Zena is for you. We hope to invite Zena back for a follow-up session.

Claire Debney


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