The Science of Confidence

Banish perfectionism, procrastination, imposter syndrome and any other mind-traps that distract your from achieving your career goals.



Is your own Mind your greatest Asset or your worst Enemy – or both?
This is a really fun, interactive session, ideal for networking events.  I get people drawing their goals on paper, listening to their partner to see if they could defend their negative thinking in court, looking out for their own mind-traps and then giving them new ways to behave ‘as if’ they were confident.


‘Most people live in a very restricted circle of their potential being,’  said the Father of American Philosophy, William James.

These boundaries are of our own making, that make us stay ‘safe’ and sometimes ’stuck’ rather than moving onwards.  Sometimes our own mind can be our greatest obstacle.  We can  procrastinate, try to do everything perfectly, worry too much, lose our work/life balance, feel like an imposter, struggle to say ’no’, sweat the small stuff or feel anxious.  We may say we lack confidence in some situations, but confidence is not a fixed attribute.  We create our own confidence by the way we think and the actions we take.  How far could your business go if only you had more confidence?

In this fun but transformative session, Executive Coach, and Author of Mind Flip, I use cognitive behavioural psychology to show us how we think.  Then I explain tools to train our minds to get rid of negative thoughts, replacing them with more rational beliefs that help us get what we want.    The biggest  trick of them all is that it is only through taking action that we become confident, so how confident you are now is irrelevant.  Confidence comes from action, not the other way round. You’ll leave with renewed focus of your objections and actions you can take immediately to increase your productivity and performance.  Previous audiences have said they ditch a lifetime’s worth of unhelpful thinking in just one hour!

Having spoken with Zena (and read part of her book) before she presented at the most recent South London Junior Lawyers Division’s event, ‘The Science of Confidence’, I was delighted that she was coming to speak with us and I thought that the event would be informative and interesting.

I was not, however, expecting the evening that unfolded. The talk was more of a discussion facilitated by Zena, where participants were encouraged to talk in pairs or small groups about our futures, identifying what goals we have and then how to achieve them. We talked about learning to recognise that nearly all of the seemingly insurmountable barriers to success are self-constructed and, through different thought processes, become surmountable. We put this into practice in our pairs and discussed our personal perceived barriers with our partners and discussed how they might be overcome. In fact, by the end of this exercise, there was not a single insurmountable barrier in the room!

Zena, through her open, relaxed and warm approach, managed to create a supportive, comfortable and trusting atmosphere; participants were fully engaged in the evening and many vocalised personal worries, opinions and concerns either in their pairs or to the whole room. It really was a special evening.  

Personally, I found it extremely refreshing to speak to someone that I did not know about my career, my aspirations and worries and to hear, from a completely objective party, that I could achieve what I wanted. I do not think that such frank conversations would have occurred without Zena creating the open environment in which to do so. I left the event feeling inspired and positive about my future and with some good ideas about how to work out precisely what my goals are and how to achieve them. I hope Zena will come back and talk to us again next year!

Louise Taylor, Chair of South London JLD and Solicitor at AG.

“A chance to reflect but also think ahead to the future, within a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I would definitely recommend attending an event with Zena” 

Rachel Hyneman, Solicitor at Anthony Gold.

‘Zena’s talk was empowering and inspiring. Now I have a clearer focus of my goals and of my current abilities.’ 

Akilah Douglas, solicitor at Quality Solicitors.










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Zena presented on ‘Mind Traps and Confidence Tricks’ at The LEGO Group’s London Hub and she inspired me to understand how our own mind is our only obstacle to career success. I left with real concrete actions to achieve my goals. Thank you for the fantastic presentation, which a lot of us are still talking about.

Anna Bacarese-Hamilton


Zena spoke at our Mosaic Mentoring event in London in November 2016. In just 30 minutes she shifted some deep set thinking patterns and helped the audience of in-house lawyers raise the bar on their professional goals and business objectives. If you want maximum impact which leaves your audience engaged and inspired then Zena is for you. We hope to invite Zena back for a follow-up session.

Claire Debney


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