Mind Flip: The Secret to Career Success

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Confidence at Work

Action leads to confidence, not the other way around.  How to become more confident and build a confident culture in your organisation.


Zena Everett
Careers Expert: Coach, Author, Speaker


I help people to achieve career goals they thought were impossible.

I used to run a successful recruitment business, which recruited other recruiters (yes, really). Over the years, I became fascinated by my candidates’ varied career paths, and why some of them out-performed their peers.

Why do some people become more successful than others? Where does motivation come from? Why aren’t people as confident on the inside as they look on the outside? How do you make yourself the obvious choice for promotion, get headhunted or reach the top table? Above all, how could I help organisations to get EVERYONE performing at their full potential?

I wanted to find out the answers…

So, I sold my recruitment business, retrained in organizational psychology and career counselling, and then qualified in coaching psychology. I realise now that success largely comes down to two factors: how we perceive ourselves, and our ability to cope with the obstacles that get between us and what we want to achieve (often obstacles of our own making). I worked out a process to help my clients to combine a more rational mindset with goal clarity and more focused daily actions. They stop thinking about themselves, and instead focus on the solution they provide to other people’s problems. This mind-flip takes them on to daily, small but incremental changes in their behaviour that leads on to measurable performance changes and goal achievement. If I help people to find fulfillment in their work as well, then they become unstoppable.

Read on to find out how I do that….

I now coach individuals and speak to groups of up to several hundred people on careers issues, particularly confidence, fulfillment and optimum performance. I’m also a regular media contributor and broadcaster (BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, LBC, BBC London, Sky News, London Evening Standard, www.high50.com, Mumsnet’s Workfests, the Financial Times, Vice, Changing Careers, Recruiter, The Guardian Careers section, Essentials Magazine, Stylist, Daily Telegraph and Cosmopolitan amongst others).

So as well as helping others, I also have the career I once thought was impossible.

Zena is an absolute star. She will transform the way you look at your career forever.



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