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How do you add value, provide solutions and solve problems?  This simple mind flip will help you to find better work more quickly, wherever you are in your career (permanent/temporary/part-time/freelance) and transform how you think about what you do.

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ISBN 978-1-911425-70-0

Mind Flip is an essential manual for anyone looking to change jobs, achieve promotion or find more fulfilling work.  Written for everyone from Graduate to Granddad, it is the culmination of my many years of working in recruitment and career coaching.  DeeDee Doke, editor of Recruiter magazine has kindly written a foreword on the new world of work and the rest of the book will help you navigate this. i

The first part Figure It Out will help you figure out the unique value you provide.  Why should someone hire you, or use your services?  The second part Crack On gives you the practical tools and techniques to launch your job search, in the quickest and most straightforward way, to find a new job, gain promotion or find the freelance work you want.  The third section Just For You is if you need extra help to get you to where you want to be (as a freelancer, returner, working Mum, over 50s, graduate or disabled job seeker).  The final part Fulfill It helps you to keep going, to maintain your network, keep raising the bar on your aspirations and achieve the ambitions you previously thought were impossible; or maybe you didn’t know you had. I even include advice if you find out your amazing boss has narcissistic tendencies.

You Need Mind Flip If You Are…

  • Wanting to change careers
  • Looking for a new job
  • Uncertain how to navigate the digitised job market
  • Someone who hates interviews and selling yourself
  • Worried you might be made redundant
  • Thinking of resigning
  • Trying to find your transferable skills to change sectors or job role
  • Facing a promotion panel
  • Returning to work after a break
  • Bored with CV writing and LinkedIn
  • Wondering what to do next
  • Working parent or carer
  • A graduate
  • Are a new interim or contractor
  • An older professional
  • A freelancer or a self-employed consultant
  • Trying to negotiate a fair rate for your work
  • Lacking confidence
  • A disabled worker or job-seeker
  • Feeling like an imposter
  • Wondering what your next move is
  • Looking for post-retirement or portfolio projects
  • Lacking a network or think you are rubbish at networking
  • Struggling to get recruiters to return your calls?
  • Nervous of negotiating a pay rise
  • Frightened of fitting in to selective, middle-class organisations
  • Feeling stuck or frustrated at work
  • Concerned you need to sharpen your career management skills
  • Certain you can do better in your career but don’t know how.

What You’ll Get From This Book…

  • Everything you need to fire up your career; from working out your skillset; negotiating offers maintaining a long-term career strategy, from graduation to retirement
  • An alternative to bragging and boasting
  • A cliché free interview style for job searches and promotion boards, which makes you the obvious, no brainer candidate
  • A process to halve the time it takes to find better work: permanent; freelance; contract; part-time; or portfolio
  • Techniques for working out what you are best at; the type of work most meaningful for you; and your transferable skills
  • Special sections for graduates, women, working parents, disabled candidates, mature workers and returners
  • A CV that gets you in front of people and through the filters
  • A personal statement, which you are proud of
  • Understanding the black arts of the recruitment industry, so your calls are returned
  • A LinkedIn profile that makes you visible and found
  • Proven tactics for passing interviews and internal promotion panels using great case studies
  • Demystified competency based interviews
  • Answers for questions they shouldn’t ask you but want to
  • Networking skills, which help you get round the ‘jobs for the boys’ culture
  • Ways to make direct approaches
  • Help, if you are starting off as a freelancer or in self-employment
  • Tricks to work out your transferable skills and how to change careers
  • Common sense reasons why you are more successful than you think
  • A career strategy to avoid future derailment and build on your success
  • Loss of fear of selling yourself

To thank you for buying Mind Flip, you will receive a bonus 25 minute recording, of me talking through the Mind Flip process, with some extra thoughts on:

  • Why Mind Flipping will transform your career
  • How to drill down into your unique skill set and identify the problems that you, uniquely, can solve
  • Some more ideas about how to market yourself.

So, get yourself in the right frame of mind. If you knew you were at the top of your game, the very best at what you do, how would you go about getting the career you want? Buy the book, listen to the recording and make sure you sign up to my mailing list (in the footer below), to be first in line for more career management content.

Thank you, Zena.

14 reviews for Mind Flip

  1. It is refreshing to see a career book that unpacks the bias on organisations – and in our own heads – that stop us from fulfilling our dreams. Whether you’re facing the glass ceiling or the class ceiling, this book helps you understand how to break through it, and get on.

  2. If you take your career seriously, this is the only book you need to read. Zena Everett has more knowledge, experience and insight as to how recruiters work and corporates hire than
    anyone I know.

  3. Zena Everett is a fresh and original voice in the careers field.

  4. Zena’s book stands out from the field and is not simply another self-help book. Great advice here on how to request flexible working, manage the topic of children at interviews (the baby elephant in the room) and get what you want. Work isn’t about hours or location any more; it’s about achieving objectives. Mind Flip will make you stronger and help you achieve your personal
    career goals.

  5. My career path was obscure after giving up my career to be a full time mother. With Zena’s guidance to restore my confidence and help me to find clarity, I fulfilled my deep-rooted ambition of becoming a successful freelance writer. I published my first book and was delighted with the reviews I received and am now writing my second. The information in Mind Flip is invaluable.

  6. Zena really challenges the status quo in Mind Flip. If you are fed up in your job, want a change or new direction; you need to take personal responsibility to do something about it. This book can help you. Zena talks through how to make shifts and developments to your career and think about what you can deliver to your boss to create a win-win career. She brings unique and refreshing insights, having worked at the sharp end of headhunting before studying a Masters in Career Management and Counseling to embark on her own career change.

  7. Finally, a careers book that realises that people 50+ are still ambitious. As Zena says, just because we are no longer reproductive, doesn’t mean we aren’t productive! I love this book and so do my sons, my husband and my Mum.

  8. With a job for life no longer attainable, nor desirable and the world of work evolving at speed, everyone will need to prepare themselves for a career of shifts, changes and personal reinventions. And this means rethinking the way you look at yourself. Zena Everett is the perfect guide for this journey of discovery and change and her book Mind Flip is the manual you’ll need with you all the way.

  9. I love the concept of being Marmite and not Vanilla; being brave enough to drill down into your skills and what you uniquely do. This book is an enormous confidence boost.

  10. Mind Flip is a rich source of insight and experience, delivered with punch and humour: a valuable investment of your time.

  11. Comprehensive, smart and accessible – an excellent guide to successful career management.

  12. Post 50 can be a time when people become more ambitious, not less and will continue to contribute their expertise, wisdom and emotional intelligent to the workplace. It is really important
    to help those of all ages find the tools they need to find their niche and manage their career.

  13. Mind Flip reflects the modern, blended workplace; Millennials working with Generation Z and freelancers working side by side with permanent employees. Wherever you fit, you need to stand
    out in a highly competitive talent pool and Zena’s techniques will give you the tools and inspiration you need.

  14. I’ve known Zena for 20 years and respect her knowledge and views enormously. I’m delighted she has taken the time to put much of her wisdom into this book. At one level it’s a deeply practical guide to help you get what you want from your career, but what really sets it apart is the way Zena challenges our often flawed thinking in this space and offers a wonderfully powerful alternative. And for me it’s this alternative that’s so inspiring, not just for your career but more fundamentally in terms of how you might choose to live your life.

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I wanted to say a huge thank you for both your direct support at what was quite a hectic time in terms of career decision making and for all the support you have given me these last few years. You really have been instrumental in shaping my thinking and approach to career matters. I was talking to (my wife) about the first time you and I worked together when I left (firm’s name). I have had a fantastic journey in terms of work in the 6 years hence. I have landed roles that I simply would not have thought possible to land and have pretty much trebled my salary. I owe you one!


Director, Financial Services

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